Our dispensary opened in 1994 to provide a service for patients who live one mile or more from a chemist. The dispensary is open during normal office hours and a dispensing technician will help you with your prescription. Richard, Jodie, Samantha or Vicky will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

Our dispensary offers a delivery service. This is for patients who receive their MEDICATION from the surgery. This is a free service provided by the practice. The service can be used as a one off, for example after an operation if you are unable to drive or regularly if you fit the criteria laid down by the partners. If you think you may find this service useful please ask to speak to one of the dispensary staff who will be pleased to provide you with more information.

 Dispensary opening times

Monday                 8:15am – 5:30pm

Tuesday                 8:15am – 5:30pm

Wednesday              8:15am – 5:30pm

Thursday                8:15am – 5:30pm

Friday                     8:15am – 5:30pm