Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health and emotional wellbeing affect all aspects of our lives and health choices. Mental wellbeing is about feeling good and functioning well. It is also about our ability to cope with life’s problems and making the most of life’s opportunities.

Good mental wellbeing doesn’t mean that you’re always happy. Or that you’re unaffected by your experiences. And having good wellbeing doesn’t always mean that you don’t have a mental health problem. You may live with a mental health problem but have good wellbeing right now. Or you might not have a mental health problem but be struggling with your wellbeing at the moment.

Poor mental wellbeing can make it more difficult to cope with daily life.

Experiencing a good balance of positive to negative emotions, and judging that your life is going well, are key parts of feeling good. Doing activities that help you to experience a sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of control over your own life, and strong relationships with others, are key parts of functioning well.

Many of us experience a mental health difficulty at some point in our lives. Whether it is a temporary condition caused by stressors in our daily lives or a more long-term condition.

Our mental health also influences our physical health, as well as our capability to lead a healthy lifestyle and to manage and recover from physical health conditions. People with physical health problems, especially long-term conditions, are at increased risk of poor mental health – particularly depression and anxiety. Around 30% of people with any long-term physical health condition also have a mental health problem.

Seeking help is often the first step towards getting and staying well, but it can be hard to know how to start or where to turn to. It’s common to feel unsure, and to wonder whether you should try to handle things on your own. But it’s always ok to ask for help – even if you’re not sure you are experiencing a specific mental health problem.

If you want to improve your mental wellbeing, are feeling anxious or depressed, or life is too difficult right now, there are a range of options available to support you.

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