Run4You 2024 Sessions

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Working with the individual, Run4You are striving to increase physical activity levels and enhance mental and physical wellbeing by providing accessible and affordable coached activities across Warwickshire, Staffordshire & Leicestershire. They provide physical activity coaching and weekly classes to get the community active.

Patients join them for a variety of reasons, some are starting out on their ‘active’ journey, others join following injury, illness, or surgery and some want to improve on a specific element of their current training regime.

Everyone, however, has a common goal; to increase their physical activity levels and improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Run4You provides Affordable and inclusive activities. Promoting movement, strength & a healthier lifestyle. They also host a range of events and programmes to engage and promote physical activity in the community.

Classes include many options including Yoga, Nordic Walking, Strength Training and Hiking. Also, NHS staff and patients can attend sessions at a discounted rate.

To see a list of their activities and available sessions for 2024 please click on the link below.

Run4You 2024 Sessions
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