Hearing Tests

Looking after your health and wellbeing includes protecting your hearing, the same way you would look after your eyes and teeth. A regular hearing test can help to flag up any issues with your ears and determine whether you would benefit from hearing aids or treatments to improve the quality of your hearing.

Changes in your hearing can be caused by other factors that are not necessarily due to a hearing loss that requires a hearing aid. A hearing health check, carried out by one of our qualified Health Care Assistants, is the best way to find out why changes in your hearing have occurred and what steps need to be taken to address them. Please contact our reception staff on 01827 713664 to book an appointment.

For Patients 50 years and older we also currently have Scrivens operating a NHS hearing service from within our surgery. Scrivens Hearing Care offers hearing checks with one of their Hearing Aid Audiologists for those concerned with failing hearing. They also provide a wide range of hearing aids, including invisible and rechargeable models and maintenance for those with pre-existing hearing aids. For more information please visit their website.

Clinics for Scrivens are currently being held every other Tuesday and Wednesday. For more information on clinic times or to book an appointment with this service please contact our reception staff on 01827 713664.